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Koala Smiles


Helping you find your Smile again!
Family At Church
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Therapy for Individuals, Children, Adolescents, Couples and Families

Life struggles I can help you work through:

  • Overwhelmed with life’s pressures?

  • Feel like nobody understands?

  • Can’t get your boss or parents off your back?

  • Down in the dumps and can’t seem to pull yourself up?

  • Worried about things you can’t control?

  • Not happy with your job, career or life?

  • Feel lonely even when people are around?

  • Fighting with friends or loved ones?

  • Feel like you are being bullied or disrespected by others?

  • Struggling to connect or communicate with your partner?

  • Grieving a loss and feel stuck or overwhelmed?

  • Concerned about a loved one’s future?

  • Overwhelmed with studies, friends or loved ones

  • Worried about your future?


The initial assessment is an information gathering session. This is where we meet and get to know each other a little to determine if my personality and level of experien...
Initial Assessment
1 hr


Shawnda accepts nearly all major insurance plans. 

Not sure how insurance works? Most likely your medical card has a customer service phone number on the back. Give them a call and ask if I am a preferred provider and what your plan covers. Still not clear on how it all works? Give me a call and I will be happy to verify coverage for you and we can go from there.


It is ultimately your responsibility to follow your insurance plan requirements, but I will do my best to verify coverage and give you an estimate of what your fees will be. Please note that estimates are not a guarantee of coverage and you will be responsible for whatever fees insurance does not cover within the rights of our contract.

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