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Koala Smiles Counseling



Therapy for Individuals, Children, Adolescents, Couples and Families


Individual therapy is all about the client as an individual. People seek professional help for various different reasons ranging from mental health to other life problems. Counseling can be a safe place for you to talk about your problems without being judged or disrespected. I offer a person-centered approach, meaning that treatment is based on your individual needs. Together we will create a treatment plan identifying your goals for improvement. I offer you a safe and comfortable setting and encourage you to work through your goals at your own pace, while also being challenged and engaged.


Children, Tweens and Teens
(At this time we are not accepting new kids under the age of 13)

Bullying, peer pressure, social anxiety, homework stress, friendship struggles, sibling rivalry, stressful home environment, poverty, blended family, trauma, self-esteem struggles, learning disabilities, cutting, depression, etc. These are just some of the struggles that children and adolescents may experience that can impact their functioning at school, home and in their relationships. If left overlooked, these problems can create even bigger issues that can last well into adulthood.


Counseling is beneficial to children and adolescents, as it not only provides a safe place and supportive environment for them to share and explore their thoughts and feelings, but also helps them build the tools and skills needed to help them grow and develop. Services generally consist of individual sessions and/or family sessions as well as a few parent-only sessions where parents can ask questions and learn skills and techniques to increase positive interactions and support their child.


A Note to Parents

If you are the parent of a struggling teen, you are taking a compassionate step in seeking help for your son or daughter. We all know that adolescence can be a particularly trying time for our youth, yet these years can also be a time of profound growth and development. In working with your teen, it is not my objective to “fix” him or her. Instead, my job is to come alongside your son or daughter in an honest and authentic way that will be both supportive and challenging, while at the same time working to uphold and strengthen your relationship with your child. We will work together to find their unique way of being in the world, as well as open doors to a fuller and more intentional way of life.


Family Counseling

Family therapy is a place for families to overcome their challenges and nurture change and development within their relationships and their life. It offers a powerful setting for the disclosure of secrets, emotions and experiences that may be difficult to discuss. A family’s harmony and stability depends upon the stability and inner integrity of the individuals in it. Family counseling provides family members with skills and tools to effectively deal with their issues, implement change and reach their goals. It helps clients communicate and solve problems effectively, build and maintain trust, with the purpose of developing a satisfying relationship among all members of the family.


Couples/Marriage Counseling

(We do not bill insurance for couples counseling - this is a private pay only service)

Negotiating relationships can be one of the hardest things we will have to do in life, especially with all of the demands and challenges that life can bring. Counseling can be a helpful tool in addressing whatever struggles your relationship is facing such as communication difficulties, parenting, intimacy, infidelity, difficult in-laws, anger and/or resentment. Counseling can be a place to prepare for a long-term committed relationship and marriage or if you are going through separation or divorce.


As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Shawnda offers an objective, non-judgmental perspective to help you navigate the sometimes difficult relationships in your life. She offers a client-centered approach meaning that treatment will be based on your specific relationship needs. Methods used include Cognitive Behavioral Couples Therapy, Family Systems Therapy and Gottman Method Couples Therapy.


Christian Counseling

We offer Christian Counseling services to those who request this specialized service. We work with both Christian and non-Christian clients. It is up to my clients to decide whether they want to include aspects of faith and spirituality into our time together. Wherever you are on your faith journey, I am here as a compassionate and respectful listener who is ready to join you in wrestling with difficult questions.

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